I imagine you are searching for a therapist because you are looking for change in your life.

  • Are you tired of feeling anxious & stressed in your relationships?
  • Do you need support through a big transition?
  • Do you find your relationships getting stuck in the same fight?
  • Are you inspired to break generational patterns in your family?

You’ve tried a few different things, but so far, nothing’s seemed to stick and give you the change, answers, clarity, and peace you’ve been after.

eft therapist danielle sethi

eft therapist danielle sethi

I’m a relational-focused psychotherapist.

Specifically, a Registered Marriage and Family Therapist (accruing hours for full licensure in FL). I offer individual and relationship therapy to help you recognize and break unhelpful patterns and create new ones that will open up the life of peace and joy you deserve.

I have been in therapy of all shapes and sizes through my life, so know that I understand what it’s like and you won’t get any judgement from me.

No one is meant to be able to figure everything out on their own. Actually, humans are designed to reflect and learn through one another.

I’ll listen to you, challenge you to identify patterns, create space for exploration and healing, and help you make the changes you want for your life.

What I do

I believe, and research proves, that the relationship and trust you have with your therapist is the most important factor in predicting how successful therapy will be for you.

I work with couples experiencing disconnection and stress, often at a time they aren’t sure if the relationship can go forward. I also work with men and women on emotional regulation and untangling patterns they learned in their childhood.

I work with these clients as issues like grief, loss, infidelity, developmental trauma, life transitions, and family conflict. I personally relate to many of these issues which helps me connect to my clients very naturally.

Experience Before + Outside Therapy

Professionally, I have had a range of experiences before I became a therapist.

I worked in corporate finance at a large financial institution in New York City for six years. I also am a certified yoga teacher and teach movement and breathing practices in studio and fitness settings.

I earned my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Villanova University near Philadelphia, PA and my Master of Science in Marriage and Family Therapy from USF in Tampa. I have lived all over the U.S. and traveled all over the world, which helps me relate to clients of different backgrounds.

eft therapist danielle sethi

Clinical Approach | EFT Therapist

I believe that humans are constantly looking for connection with other people they care about. This search is a motivating factor for most of our actions, and is the reason abandonment and rejection are such painful experiences. When we think someone is judging us, leaving us, or rejecting us, we panic or shut down.

We learned a lot of the ways we relate to others in childhood, and they don’t always translate very effectively to adulthood. Acting in ways that aren’t working doesn’t mean you are bad, it means that you have been through something that led to you using strategies that are no longer effective.

Change happens through new experiences and healing happens through sharing our own stories with the people we love. EFT (Emotion-Focused Therapy) uses this understanding about human nature in the framework and techniques of treatment. Read more about EFT below.

Other Models

In addition to being an EFT therapist, I use concepts and techniques from other evidence-based models in my work:

  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
  • Somatic
  • Internal Family Systems

Typically, early phases of therapy focus on creating an understanding of your attachment history and past dynamics and your present day reality, as well as giving you a place to explore and process your emotions.

Once we have gathered insights, processed, and begun healing, we will work toward developing coping skills that will equip you to sustain the changes in therapy after you complete treatment.

EFT therapist

What is an EFT therapist?

I have completed advanced training in EFT. An EFT therapist will combine several scientific principles to create an understanding of what happens in your relationship:

  • Attachment science- a profound developmental theory of personality and intimate relationships
  • Systems theory- considers individuals and their environment
  • Humanistic (non-judgmental)- assumes people are mostly good well-meaning

This approach to clinical therapy focuses on emotional regulation to help people heal and have new interactions.

EFT for couples is the gold standard for empirically validated intervention in the field of mental health.

Dr. Sue Johnson (founder of EFT)


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EFT Therapist online florida


I have known Danielle for the past two years and worked alongside her for several months so I was lucky to get to know her as a clinician and a person. She is kind, understanding, knowledgeable and makes everyone that she works with feels comfortable and understood. I would highly recommend Danielle! She is a fantastic therapist and would make this process such a supportive and impactful journey for you.
Monica L.
I had the pleasure of working with Danielle for two years and I truly cannot recommend her enough! She is a kind, genuine, authentic therapist who meets all of her clients where they’re at without judgement. She is very skilled in her therapeutic approach & helps guide her clients throughout their journey.
Kendall B.

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