online counseling for anxiety naples florida

Anxiety therapy online

  • Do you notice overthinking, feeling overwhelmed, or trouble concentrating?
  • Are you constantly over-thinking, wondering what if?
  • Is it hard to remember the last time you felt truly calm?
  • Do you find your emotions swinging- irritated, guilty, sad, exhausted, impatient, or angry?
  • Do you feel on edge and untrusting in relationships?
  • Are you having trouble adjusting to a new transition of life?
  • Do you suppress your emotions with food, substances, exercise, or sex?

Whether you suffer from social anxiety, physical symptoms, or panic attacks, anxiety can be debilitating. You might be exhausted from over-thinking, yet feel like you have no other option if you want to keep your life moving forward.

Through restructuring thought patterns, developing emotional regulation skills, and creating new experiences, anxiety therapy can help you finally feel peace.

An estimated 40 million American adults suffer from anxiety (according to the National Alliance on Mental Health)- you are far from alone.

In the modern western world, most people are constantly over-stimulated and balancing multiple stressful situations at a time. People also face high pressures to measure up to an ideal in so many areas, like dating, relationships, careers, and parenting.

The world is also constantly changing and exposing us to anxiety-inducing realities, for instance, climate change, political violence, discrimination, and more. As a result, anxiety and its impacts have become the norm.

People with anxiety tend to try to figure everything out on their own, only to find themselves even more isolated from the people who care about them.

It’s not just in your head, either. Anxiety that is not processed in a healthy way manifests as fatigue, digestion issues, headaches, sweating, and more.

It doesn’t have to stay this way.

Fortunately, anxiety is treatable. With the right approach, some patience, and practice in skills, you can start to think and feel differently.

You are worthy of having peace and calm in your life. Can you imagine it?

  • Not having to worry and second-guess everything
  • Being able to ground yourself when you feel that sinking feeling
  • Approaching things with a clear, non-fear-based mind
  • Feeling so confident in yourself you don’t have to overthink

You deserve joy in the experiences that light you up, fulfillment in the things that matter to you, and connection to the people you love. An anxiety therapist can help you get there.

online counseling for anxiety naples florida

Even though anxiety can feel never-ending, there are ways to heal and live differently. Online counseling for anxiety will guide you to explore the root of your anxiety and provide you tools to manage similar experiences in the future.

The idea of putting something else on your plate may feel like it will cause more anxiety. However, once you get started, build trust with a therapist who understands you, and learn some skills, sessions will eventually feel lighter, easier, and more approachable.

We’ll work together to challenge unhelpful thought patterns, expand your perspective, and incorporate coping skills into your routine that will provide you with some relief. While we can’t control or extinguish emotions, therapy will help you cope with them and manage them more effectively, so anxiety stops getting in the way of what really matters in your life.

My approach is engaged and goal-oriented, yet non-intimidating and warm. In online counseling for anxiety, I’ll get to know you and the root of your experiences. From there, I’ll create a treatment plan tailored to you and your needs.

In general, anxiety therapy will include:

  • Identify achievable goals for treatment together with your therapist
  • Review your history in relationships and in dealing with emotions
  • Learn skills to break patterns of negative thoughts, process emotions, and be present
  • Develop clarity on the things that are most important to you
  • Learn and practice coping skills to manage anxiety

We’ll put you back in charge and figure out methods to stop anxiety from ruling your life.

To this end, we guide clients to implement evidence-backed skills to manage anxiety as it continues to creep up (AKA EFT therapy for anxiety). Healing from anxiety and emotional discomfort is not a one-and-done process, but usually a life-long journey of staying in touch with your own emotions and learning effective methods to cope.

Over time, you’ll be able to notice patterns and interrupt them with coping skills yourself. The skills you learn in from anxiety counselor will be in your back pocket supporting your for as long as you need them.

online anxiety therapy naples florida

When we try to figure everything out on our own, we usually get stuck. A lot of us are quick to seek help in certain areas of our life, like our physical health, but hold beliefs that when it comes to mental health, we are supposed to be able to figure everything out on our own.

The reality is, we aren’t meant to be able to navigate the complexity of the human mind and emotions without the guidance of trusted mental health professionals.

When you are experiencing anxiety that is significantly holding you back in your life, anxiety disorder therapy will not only teach you you about steps to heal and move forward, but how to implement the skills in your real life. Counseling will support you through setbacks you experience along the way and equip you with tools to continue to help you once you leave therapy.

Continuing to ignore or dismiss your anxiety won’t make it go away. You may have experienced how when you don’t manage the symptoms of anxiety, the manifest in other ways, often physically or in relationships taken out on other people. Continuing to ignore or dismiss your anxiety won’t make it go away.

We are here to support you in creating the change you are looking for.

Anxiety is treatable, and change is possible! It’s totally understandable to feel like you can’t escape anxiety, especially if you have been dealing with it for a long time, or tried many different methods.

Anxiety counseling Therapy offers a meaningful, sustainable way to modify the relationship you have with your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. As you draw connections and uncover patterns, we’ll create coping skills to help you approach problems in a new, effective way.

As an anxiety therapist, I’ll help you to I am not a medication provider and I do not prescribe medication of any kind. I will work with you on tasks like mindset, emotion regulation, grounding, and coping skills.

If you feel strongly that you need medication, or if you are already on medication, I am happy to consult with your medication provider to establish a team of treatment providers supporting you in a holistic way.

Yes. While still new, research shows that clinical therapeutic techniques are as impactive when administered in a virtual format as when they occur in-person.

I find that my clients tend to enjoy other benefits of online therapy like:

  • More privacy
  • Convenience and lower time commitment
  • Skills + patterns learned may translate more easily outside therapy

Working on yourself and your mental health is the most important investment you can make. The cost of skipping out on treatment for anxiety is typically much higher (illness, missed career opportunities, etc.) than the cost of prioritizing yourself and your wellness.

Please refer to my Rates & FAQ page for up-to-date information on my current rates. I am out-of-network with insurance, but can provide a receipt for out-of-network reimbursement.

Here is what you can expect from the intake process:

  • Complete the form below to request an intro call to discuss your needs
  • If we’re a good fit, I will onboard you on my platform and we will schedule our first session
  • You’ll log in, create a profile, and complete intake paperwork
  • The day of session, you will log in a few minutes before the designated start time, and we will begin

If you struggle with anxiety and live in Florida, our services can guide you in finding more peace, satisfaction, and meaning in your life. Contact me to get started.