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If you are obsessed with human behavior, curious about how to manage change or conflict better, or interested in learning about how you can heal family patterns, uncomfortable emotions, or intimate relationships- you have found the perfect place.

Grab a journal and a mug of tea and dive into the world of relational psychology. Whether you are on this journey solo, with a partner, or with a family member, we’ve got content here to support you.

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  • How to Talk About Sex With Your Partner
    In the start of a relationship, passion and sex tend to come more easily. As Sue Johnson says in her book Hold Me Tight, the chemistry that we feel in the early days of a relationship is “nature’s way of drawing us together.” But many of us have been conditioned to consider sex as a passing sensation, the end goal of finding our perfect match, instead of an ongoing mechanism in lasting relationships. Making…

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can anxious avoidant relationships work

Intimate Relationships

Simple breakdown of attachment theory so you can break patterns and find joy in relationships.

Family Dynamics

Understanding and changing family patterns for the cycle breakers who are ready to heal.

Individual Therapy

Tips and tools to self-regulate, understand yourself, and show up in your relationships.

Improve employee wellbeing

Corporate Mental Health

Research-backed approaches to building mentally healthy work environments.

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Attachment therapy for adults

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Danielle Sethi

I’m a relationship therapist obsessed with uncovering, understanding, and reorganizing relational patterns- all to help people heal themselves and show up better in their relationships.

I have a degree in Marriage & Family Therapy, advanced training in Emotion-Focused Therapy, and experience working as a clinician with individuals, couples, and families.

I’m also married and have been in therapy of all shapes and sizes through my life. So I know what it’s like to be on both sides in a session and do my best to write from both perspectives.

-Resources & Guides-

Here are some tools to help you strengthen your communication and relationships

What is my attachment style?

Learning about your attachment style will help you understand the ways you process emotions, manage big changes, and instinctively communicate with others.

What is our negative cycle?

The negative cycle is pattern of communication where couples get stuck- the conversations you have over and over that don’t change. Figure out yours here:

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