Couples Retreat Florida

couples retreat florida

Maybe you have been with your parter for a while and you have been feeling disconnected lately. Perhaps you are in a newer relationship and are noticing you could use support building a healthy foundation.

Or maybe, you are frustrated with fights that keep happening over and over without finding any clarity. A couples retreat Florida could be for you!

Hold Me Tight ®, a couples retreat in Naples, Florida, can help you and your partner to understand each other better and feel closer. The retreat is not therapy, but rather an education and practice-focused program based on cutting edge-relationship science: Emotion-Focused Therapy.

And what better backdrop to refocus on your relationship than the sunny gulf shores of Florida?

* Hold Me Tight ® is a registered trademark of Dr. Sue Johnson.

couples retreat florida naples

What is a Couples Retreat Florida for?

Committed relationships are hard work. It’s inevitable that we show our partner the most raw version of ourselves, which sometimes means them inadvertently being on the receiving end of our own defenses for reasons that have nothing to do with them.

Plus, life is busy. It’s normal to feel your bond drifting over time, especially if unresolved conflict lies underneath the surface of day-to-day frustration. Finding the time to nurture our relationships can feel like the last thing we need to add to the never-ending to-do list.

If you notice disconnection in your relationship, a couples retreat Florida offers a chance to set life aside for two days, learn about relationship psychology and science, and apply new tools to your marriage.

It’s a great opportunity for couples who are interested in learning about why the same fights may be recurring and how to disrupt those frustrating patterns.

Walking away from a couples retreat Florida, you’ll not only be refreshed and rejuvenated from getting to spend time with your partner, but you’ll have new information and tools to apply to your relationship over time. Unlike a typical vacation getaway, the benefits will keep on giving once you get home from the workshop weekend.

In our Hold Me Tight ® couples workshop, we’ll use a blend of methods (lecture, video presentations, group exercises, and partner exercises) to teach you the science of love and relationships.

The workshops consist of a group of couples who are all there to learn a little more about their own dynamics (personal sharing is not required).

The material is based on evidence-backed research and presented by a therapist who can help you in your application of the concepts and processing when you get stuck.

Overall, the program will walk you through key conversations to build understanding and connection between partners. These themes include disrupting negative patterns, creating a safe environment, and caring for your relationship through maintenance over time.

1.  Recognizing Demon Dialogues
 – Couples identify common emotional reactions that lead to negative communication patterns.

2.  Finding the Raw Spots – Partners learns to look beyond their immediate, impulsive reactions to discover the vulnerable feelings under their negative communication.

3.   Revisiting a Rocky Moment – Repairing moments of the past to increase understanding and safety

4.   Hold Me Tight® – Learning to be accessible, responsive, and engaged with your partner.

5.   Forgiving Injuries– Forgiving past hurts to increase connection

6.   Bonding Through Sex and Touch – How emotional connection and sexual connection reinforce one another

7.   Keeping Your Love Alive – Continue to come back to your partner over and over again.

These conversations are the pillars of a healthy relationship that will last the test of time.

couples retreat florida naples

We hold couples workshops several times through the year. Please refer to our service page our use the form below to express your interest and inquire about dates.

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