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Couples Therapy Intensives

We spend 2 full days with you to help you work on your relationship

  • Do you find yourself in constant conflict + communication that isn’t working?
  • Are you fighting about the same thing over and over?
  • Do you fear you can’t heal after infidelity or loss?
  • Is a lack of intimacy leaving you feeling dull and empty?
  • Do you feel unheard and disrespected?

And most importantly…

Can you just not find the time for weekly couples therapy to really address these issues once and for all?

That’s where an intensive comes in. We help couples process pain, heal, and move forward in an effective, targeted way. Intensive therapy for couples retreats consolidate 12 hours (12 weeks) of therapy into 2 6-hour days.

Couples Therapy Intensives- An Accelerated Version of Therapy

Even though weekly couples therapy is the most typical format, intensives couples therapy retreats have the potential to significantly shift your relationship.

They aren’t only for married couples, but for anyone ready to dive into 2 days focused on implementing repair strategies in your relationship. Plus, you’ll learn so much about yourself and your partner along the way.

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Who are couple intensives for?

Couples therapy intensives work well for couples who wish to focus on working on and repairing their relationship without ‘starting and stopping’ between weekly sessions.

Couples who prefer an intensive format tend to fall into one or more of these categories:

  • Have complicated schedules that have made it difficult to schedule and attend weekly therapy
  • In the midst of a crisis – for example, they are experiencing high conflict or recently suffered a significant loss or trauma
  • Have neglected their relationship for many years and realize they need to jump start it in a big way
  • Are not yet married and would like to get to know each other on a deep level and create healthy patterns

Intensive therapy for couples works best when committed couples:

  • Both want to work on the relationship (are not considering divorce)
  • Are both willing to attend and participate
  • Have no untreated mental health or substance abuse issues
  • Do not display abusive behavior toward one another
  • Can tolerate difficult emotions for longer lengths of time

How Do These Weekends Work?

The intensive format allows couples to dive deeply into their issues without losing momentum between sessions each week. By investing in a weekend dedicated to counseling, you are able to reach stages of therapy that would typically take five months.

Intensive retreats are offered in Naples, Florida over two days that are set aside for you.

Couples Intensives are a focused, condensed form of couples counseling that occur over a period of 2 consecutive days offered in-home. These sessions work through the stages of Emotion Focused Therapy.

To make these sessions even more effective and convenient, we come to you and work in your own space. This helps with the ease of translating therapy insights into your day to day life, while making sure you are comfortable for 7-hour days of therapy.

Alternatively, this format is a great option for couples wishing to spend a weekend away on the Florida gulf coast while working on their relationship.

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Lack of time for weekly therapy does not have to be a barrier to healing your relationship.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Generally, the schedule looks something like this:

Day 1:

  • 9:30-12:30- discuss immediate concerns and goals, and I will meet with each of you 1×1
  • 12:30-1:30- you’ll break for lunch while I’ll compile the info so far and create a plan
  • 1:30-5pm- we’ll work together as a group of three toward the goals established

Day 2:

  • 9:30-12:30- continue working as a group of three and discuss reflections from prior day
  • 12:30-1:30- you’ll break for lunch while I’ll evaluate progress
  • 1:30-5pm- deeper emotional work where we work on reestablishing your connection and consolidate the work we did

That’s about 14 hours of relationship-transforming therapy!

You may also choose to participate in a one-day intensive and complete the tasks of the second day in weekly follow-up sessions.

These sessions are offered 2 consecutive days, most typically Friday/Saturday or Saturday/Sunday.

Please inquire for availability.

In weekly therapy, the reality is that you only have so much time to get into the deep work. I have clients before and after you, and you have other obligations before and after session.

During an intensive weekend, timing is not an issue. If we’re on the edge of a breakthrough, we can keep going without worrying about the clock. The time is yours.

When you make the decision to step away from life for a couple days, you are showing yourself and your partner that you are ready to focus on your relationship in a way you never have before.

You’re less likely to have putting the kids to bed or replying to that work email on the back of your mind, because you’ve stepped aside from other obligations for these 2 days. All of which allows you to show up fully for each other.

They are a wonderful opportunity to build momentum and accelerate results in therapy, with the option to add periodic check-in sessions after the intensive. Any therapy you do after an intensive will be more meaningful and effective.

The weekend will focus on moving through the stages of Emotion-focused therapy, which is the gold standard treatment model in the field of couples therapy. The approach is based on clear, explicit research-based concepts of individual growth, health and dysfunction and of relationship distress and adult love.

Couples intensives work through the same principles as our online couples counseling services, only on an accelerated timeline.

Over the course of the 2 days, we will review your history, break down patterns that aren’t working, and learn to interact in new, connecting ways. The steps and goals include:

  • Communicate better
  • Rebuild trust
  • Reconnect and find intimacy
  • Finding common patterns in your fights and creating a new dynamic

Couple intensives require an introductory consultation conducted over video (free of charge). This gives me a chance to understand your relationship status and goals, gives you a chance to ask me questions, and us all to decide if we would be a good fit to work together.

You can find my contact information here to get in touch with me and set up a call.

Please refer to my Rates & FAQ page for up-to-date information on my current rates.

Additional fees may be added for distances over 20 miles from the Naples, Florida area.

These weekends are specifically designed for couples looking to repair and strengthen their relationship.

I work with adults over 18 who are residents of the state of Florida.

Because I am qualified to work with Florida residents, I am able to continue seeing intensive clients for follow up sessions after the weekend. This creates convenience so that you don’t have to source and update an entirely new therapist after putting in all of the work of the intensive and allows me to support you in the maintenance phase so you can retain all the insights and benefits of treatment.

Due to the intensity of emotional processing in an intensive format, it is not appropriate for clients who fall into the following categories:

  • Domestic violence or abuse
  • Active infidelity
  • Significant substance abuse
  • Hospitalization in the last year for suicide attempt

Here is what you can expect from the intake process:

  • Fill out the form here indicating you are interested in an intensive
  • We will arrange a video interview with both partners (free of charge)
  • If we are a good fit, I’ll we’ll schedule the intensive and I’ll send you paperwork
  • We meet at the designated time and place and begin therapy
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I’m Danielle Sethi

I’m a no-patience New York City finance-industry project leader turned relationship and mental health therapist.

Registered Marriage and Family Psychotherapist in the state of Florida, I work with clients to transform pain, confusion, and dysfunction into peace, security, and meaning.


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Transform your relationship in one weekend.

If you struggle with relationship stress and are interested in a retreat in Florida, our intensive format can guide you in finding more connection and reducing conflict. Contact me to get started.

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