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Family Counseling Online

Are unresolved family issues getting in the way of your life?

  • Is there tension in your family that you don’t know how to resolve?
  • Do you find yourself repeating patterns from your family even when you try not to?
  • Are you looking for a way to break generational cycles and create healthier dynamics?

As families grow and change, members may seek clarity or healing regarding past dynamics or family history. A therapist guides the family system to grow and adjust to support the roles of its members.

Please note that we see adult families members (e.g. adult child and father, for example) as well as adult individuals related to family of origin issues.

Family systems issues are incredibly impactful

Change in families is constant. As individuals in the family change, the system needs to constantly readjust. It’s also impossible not to be impacted by the family you grew up with in one way or another. Your environment when you were developing lays the foundation for how you see and interact with the world as an adult.

Whether your family is overcoming a transition, trying to resolve a big conflict, or you want to learn more about yourself, being open to new patterns and communicating differently are huge factors in overcoming family challenges.

Healing is possible

We look at family patterns that have transcended through generations and those that are alive today. This helps us to guide clients to create new ways to relate and function. Even the patterns that are so deeply engrained they are hard to recognize can loosen their grip once you start to understand them more clearly. From this place of understanding, we can invite new, more functional patterns into your life.

Family counseling online can give you the change you need

We help members of families navigate life transitions, family secrets, conflict, and crisis events (infidelity, grief, illness). We also support individuals in working to understand how their family system shaped who they are and how they can break maladaptive patterns. You’ll be guided through that process and challenged to see how family patterns are being created and maintained, and how to create new and healthy patterns that serve your family.

What is family counseling online like?

  • We’ll get clear on your individual goals for family systems therapy
  • Increase awareness of patterns between or absorbed from family of origin
  • Reframe family distress
  • Improve communication between family members (where appropriate)
  • Create new patterns to move forward with a healthier dynamic

We are systemically trained therapists, which means we consider how everything in your life impacts your well-being- things like finances, family, work, culture, or health.

family counseling online

More questions about family counseling online?

What if members of my family do not want to attend sessions?

If you are looking to heal a relationship with a family member, it is beneficial if you both can attend sessions. For example, we frequently work with adult parent/chid dyads who have unresolved issues and pain from the past.

We support individuals in this work on their own, as well. This guides them to be able to see how learned patterns of behavior while they were part of their family system that they carried with them into adulthood. With this insight, individuals can understand themselves much more deeply and consciously create new, effective ways of being.

What if I can’t remember my childhood?

It’s okay if you can’t remember your childhood right away. We will take it slow and incorporate techniques to uncover the relevant pieces of your history you want to work on.

Do I need therapy for this? Can I fix it on my own?

Family dynamics are extremely complex, and hard to untangle when you are an active member inside the system. When we try to figure everything out on our own, we oftentimes get stuck. Just like we would not try to manage physical health all on our own, we aren’t meant to be able to navigate the complexity of the human mind without the guidance of trusted mental health professionals.

When you are experiencing family dynamics that significantly impact your functioning in life, therapy will not only teach you about the steps to heal and move forward, but how to implement the skills in your real life, and support you through setbacks you experience along the way.

Is family therapy expensive?

Anyone who has had any close relationship in their life can attest to the fact that the health of our relationships bleed out everywhere in our life- our ability to focus at work, our own mental health, stress, physical health, quality of parenting, and our overall satisfaction with life.

Family counseling online is often the most important investment we will ever make, and the costs of not addressing these issues is often very high- potentially passing ineffective patterns to a whole new generation, family estrangement, divorce, custody issues, etc. Click here for details on our rates.

Does online therapy work?

Yes, it does. Empirical research shows that generally, clinical therapeutic techniques are as impactive when administered in a virtual format as when they occur in a face-to-face format. Many people find online therapy more helpful than in-person therapy. Some of the benefits to working online are:

  • More privacy
  • Convenience and lower time commitment (no commuting- clients can often block off an hour during their work day)
  • Communication patterns learned may translate more easily outside therapy

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What’s the next step?

We start with a free 15 minute intro call. We can answer further questions and make sure a we are a good fit for you. Book here or fill out the form below to send us a message.

You can expect to meet with your therapist on a weekly basis for the first several (usually 8-10) weeks. Consider some weekly times that would work well for you to meet.

We’re eager to support you on this journey!

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