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Hold Me Tight Marriage retreat florida (Naples)

Our marriage retreat Florida is a two-day couples workshop. This workshop is based on the book Hold Me Tight ® by Dr. Sue Johnson. The weekend format was created for couples looking to:

  • Understand the reasons they have conflict
  • Change patterns that lead to frustration
  • Engage in conversations to keep your love alive
  • Repair broken bonds or injuries
  • Rekindle the spark and strengthen intimacy
  • Become more accessible, responsive, and engaged with partners

The workshop content is based on Emotion-Focused Therapy, a model that has been found to move 75% of couples from distress to recovery and to help 90% of participating couples. This model is grounded in decades of research blending attachment theory, systemic conceptualizations, and judgement-free frameworks.

While the program is based on Emotion-Focused Therapy, the experience itself is not therapy. Instead, the workshop offers education and practice of relationship skills in a safe environment. The program allows couples to connect, learn, and investigate their own cycles that keep them stuck in unhelpful patterns with the person they love the most.

Hold Me Tight ®, a couples retreat in Naples, Florida, can help you and your partner to understand each other better and feel closer.

* Hold Me Tight ® is a registered trademark of Dr. Sue Johnson.

Long-term relationships are hard work. While it would be so much easier if we could naturally read our partners’ minds (and have them read ours!) the reality is that we all get disconnected and feel misunderstood at times.

The good news is, there is an entire field of research and science dedicated to love and attachment. This knowledge grounds us with information about the human needs in relationships and what goes wrong in moments of conflict. Grounded in this understanding, you can create new conversations and strengthen your bond moving forward.

A Hold Me Tight ® retreat marries the rejuvenating spirit of a weekend getaway with your partner, to relax and refocus on each other away from the stress and mundane of daily life, with a program that is structured to give you tools you will have forever. You’ll have the refresh of the weekend with benefits that will sustain way past arriving back home.

It’s not magic- healing requires intention and time focused on your partner. However, instead of talking around and around in a conversation for weeks, months, or years, getting no where, this workshop will guide you in breaking down your patterns so you can see each other in a new way.

hold me tight marriage retreat naples florida

The Hold Me Tight ® program includes an engaging blend of content types so you can learn, integrate, and apply throughout the weekend.

You’ll learn not only about why cycles of conflict happen, but tips and tools to interrupt them. You’ll learn about your deeper needs and how to share them with the person you love. You’ll learn to communicate in a way that leads to more connection instead of more arguing.

As a therapist with a corporate background, I’m passionate about not only sharing the fascinating research and theory, but also on connecting how this information is applicable in your own life and sharing concrete, practical skills to apply them.

Through lecture-style presentations, group discussions, videos, and exercises with your partner, you’ll have the opportunity to take the theoretical into the practical right away. (Please know that sharing personal information in the group is not required.)

schedule + logistics

The Hold Me Tight ® Workshops are held in person in Naples, Florida. The group size varies, but there are typically between 6-11 couples. You do not need to be married to attend. In fact, many pre-married couples find this experience to be a beneficial foundation to their relationship.

The setting is relaxed and comfortable, yet structured and purposeful.

Throughout the two days, the large group will meet together for lecture, video presentations, exercises, reflection, and discussion. There will also be opportunities to break out and work through focused exercises with your partner, applying the concepts to your relationship. Sharing of personal information is not required, and we’ll never put you on the spot.

Typically, the days run from about 9am-5pm with an hour break for lunch and individual breakout sessions throughout. Specific schedules may vary and will be provided to you in the week leading up to the retreat.

Please remember that while I am a therapist, this marriage retreat Florida is not therapy. Rather, the weekend is a chance to learn and engage with your partner in a structured way. Many couples find after the retreat that they would like further assistance applying the information to their relationship with a couples therapist. Should this be the case for you, feel free to inquire with me about my availability or a trusted referral.

Hold Me Tight® workshops produce proven, positive results that will sustain you beyond the end of your vacation.

You’ll walk away from the weekend with new, fresh insights about the way you and your partner communicate, a packet of information to continue digesting and integrating as you move on, and ideally, hope for your continued connection for your life together.

Get ready for a powerful experience!

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“The key to restoring connection is, first, interrupting and dismantling these destructive sequences and then actively constructing a more emotionally open and receptive way of interacting, one in which partners feel safe confiding their hidden fears and longings.”

Dr. Sue Johnson

If you struggle with stress or communication issues in your relationship, a Hold Me Tight weekend offers you the chance to getaway and reconnect. Contact me to get started.