Secure Leadership Workshop

Applying cutting-edge models of human behavior to the workplace to support leaders in motivating their teams

Custom Workshop to Support Workplace Relationships

Your people are your organization’s greatest asset. When they engaged and connected, they drive results for you. They are creative, resourceful, and value-driven.

However, when they are unengaged, they may pull away, put forth low effort, and sacrifice efficiency. They may get lost in the weeds and get separated from the mission of your organization.

What if you could tap into what really motivates people, on an unconscious, behavioral level? If you could stop trying to put out fires and instead get to the root of disengagement to restore a collaborative, creative, motivated place to work in a sustainable way?

This is where we come in. We have a detailed, nuanced understanding of the behavioral systems that matter most to employees and how effective leadership can help get those needs met.

Secure, effective leadership drives results in many ways:

  • When employees are connected to their teams, they reach out for help when needed
  • Managers who support their teams have employees that are motivated to work hard for them
  • The way managers speak to employees about important info impacts how safe they feel at work
  • Lack of security and connection at work lead to low engagement
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What’s Happening in the Culture of Work?

A culture of disengagement is a problem that will catch up to an organization if not handled properly. It’s not one that can be simply ignored. All too often, employees are promoted into management because of their success in their job performance, yet they lack any skills or training in leadership.

Key issues facing organizations and their people that translate to creativity, innovation, and productivity include:

  • Engagement and retention
  • Conflict and resolution
  • Employee mental health and stress
  • Ineffective leadership

These problems translate to significant replacement costs (often 10-50% salary increases). In addition, time and financial resources are required to train new employees. Every time an employee leaves an organization, the ones who stayed are left with questions and a shift in the environment.

The good news is, there are tools to address these issues and create engaged, connected, + productive workplaces. We’re here to support you in supporting your people.

Secure Corporate Leadership

Behavioral-informed secure leadership workshops are a chance to face these issues head-on and create an environment that fosters engagement, resolution, creativity, motivation, and productivity.

Why a Therapist?

At the core, attachment science therapists are process consultants. We break down complex, hyper-fast processes and improve communication patterns between individuals.

As part of this work, we are trained to think critically and systemically about the ongoing patterns and to communicate with clients in a way that generates they change they are hoping for. We’re experts on relationships, communication, and information processing.

Most importantly, we understand the systems that motivate human behavior and the ways leaders can create secure environments that meet the needs of their employees on those behavioral levels.

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We help people slow down, understand each other, and communicate more effectively with each other, so they can stay focused on their own goals and what truly matters. We can help you do the same.

Workshop Focus Area

Our Secure Leadership workshop focuses on giving leaders a roadmap to understand:

  • What motivates their employees
  • They key types of leadership
  • Creating balance in leadership style
  • Leading through understanding employee and manager personality types
  • Tactical, easy to implement strategies to strengthen employee/manager relations over time

Many therapeutic principles about relationships between close individuals are applicable to relationships in the workplace. Most notably, we focus on the relationship between managers and their employees, as well as with their team overall.

A secure, reliable relationship with a manager mitigates the risk of many people-related problems in organizations. Managers have significant agency in creating an environment that leaves their employees feeling motivated, productive, engaged, and connected to the organization.

However, understanding the communication mechanisms necessary to reach this kind of workplace is not always intuitive. That’s where we come in.

Format and Goals

Our workshops are structured to include manager-level employees and above. In these sessions, managers will learn:

  • The behavioral systems and their workplace implications
  • The different leadership skillsets
  • How to navigate difficult conversations without decreasing engagement
  • How to structure engagement initiatives that will actually have impact
  • About resolving conflict between teams and with employees
  • Managing stress as a team

These workshops offer organizations an opportunity to apply cutting-edge psychological principles into their teams and professional relationships.

Grounded in this knowledge, managers are set up for greater success in engaging with their teams and driving the results that matter.

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Relationship health is vital for organizational success

At work or at home, the health of our relationships reflects the health of our own mind and body. When relationships feel good at work, they feel better at home, and vice versa.

Secure leadership is the foundation of healthy relationships in the workplace.

Let’s work together to create healthy, effective workspaces and empower your leaders.