I imagine you are searching for a therapist because there are things you’d like to change.

I’m here for you!

Collaborative. Rather than simply sitting & nodding, I’ll dig in and come alongside you to work together toward your goals

Holistic. I consider how things like your health, relationships, family systems, and broader society impact you

Non-intimidating. Starting therapy is a huge, brave step. I’m here to support and guide you without judgement

Strategic. Evidence-backed models guide my work- therapy should help you feel understood + give you the tools to change your life

I’m a relational psychotherapisT (florida registered marriage and family Therapy)

I will help you to recognize and break unhelpful patterns and create new ones that will open up the life of peace and joy you deserve. Together, we’ll:

  • Connect the ways early family lessons play out in present day relationships
  • Set up relational boundaries to protect your mental health
  • Practice communication skills that help you get your needs met
  • Nourish the relationship you have with yourself (the most important one)

I have been in therapy of all shapes and sizes through my life, so know that I understand what it’s like and you won’t get any judgement from me.

No one is meant to be able to figure everything out on their own. I’ll listen to you, challenge you, create space for exploration and healing, and help you make the changes you want for your life.

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About Me | Psychotherapy Florida

What I do

I believe, and research proves, that the relationship and trust you have with your therapist is the most important factor in predicting how successful therapy will be for you.

As my client, I’ll step alongside you so you don’t have work through these issues alone. I’ll help you notice patterns, and I’ll be your biggest hype squad while helping you build that confidence and trust in yourself.

I’ve trained extensively in this work and have done it personally myself, which makes it natural to relate to my clients through counseling services for adults.

Background + Qualifications

  • Master’s in Marriage + Family Therapy (University of South FL)
  • Advanced Training in Emotion Focused Therapy (ICEEFT)
  • Bachelor’s in Psychology (Villanova University)
  • Certified Yoga Teacher (YogaWorks)
  • 6 years experience working in finance in NYC (J.P.Morgan)
  • Have lived in Philly, Prague, NYC, Tampa, and Naples, FL

I work under the authority of the following legal + ethics bodies:

Clinical approach

My speciality is Emotion Focused Therapy, which is an approach I use with all of my clients as we start therapy. I also draw from other evidence-backed models:

  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
  • Internal Family Systems
  • Extended Family Systems Therapy
  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy

Typically, early phases of therapy focus on creating an understanding of your relationship history and your present day reality, as well as giving you a place to explore and process your emotions.

Then we will work toward developing coping skills that will equip you to sustain the changes in therapy after you complete treatment.

about danielle sethi, marriage and family therapy florida

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