Areas Served

As a registered Marriage and Family Therapist in Florida, I am authorized to provide services to clients across the state. I am proud to currently serve the following Southwest Florida communities via telehealth (i.e. online video therapy).

services include:

Imagine working with someone on a 1×1 basis whose sole purpose is to compassionately and intricately explore your inner world and the patterns that have lead you to your present day relationships and experiences.

I work alongside individual clients to explore and release unhelpful thought patterns, disrupt repetitive cycles, and create value-driven change.

Sessions are customized to fit the needs of each individual.

Individual therapy specialty areas:

Relationships are the breath of life. When they are going well, they offer us joy, meaning, and strength. When they aren’t, they can cause us pain and even despair.

I have advanced training in a cutting edge couples therapy model called Emotion Focused Therapy (EFT). Guided by the EFT model, I help couples move from chaos and conflict to connection and peace.

I work with couples weekly in the following formats:

Couples therapy has the power to transform your relationship. Yet, if you aren’t able to stick to your weekly sessions, you aren’t going to move the needle much on your progress. This can leave you feeling discouraged and frustrated.

Enter intensive therapy. This counseling format is for the busy couples who are ready to dive into therapy for several hours in one or two days. Learn more at our couples intensive therapy page.

Retreats are a unique offering to learn more about therapy methods, relationships, and mental health concepts. You’ll practice these skills in a supportive community.

We offer retreats in sunny South West Florida to give you a chance to reset and reconnect with yourself or your partner.

Leadership is all about motivation, and motivation comes from healthy and secure relationships.

I offer corporate leadership workshops for manager level personnel and above. This material equips your team with the psychology behind motivation in the workplace.

Learn more at my corporate leadership workshop page.

I have some free resources available for you.


Thank you for considering me to support you in your mental health journey.