I specialize in helping motivated adults struggling with relationships + anxiety get to the root of their challenges so they can feel better for good.

Danielle Sethi Therapy Naples Florida Counseling

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to mental health

  • Tired of feeling anxious & stressed in your relationships?
  • Feeling disconnected from yourself + others?
  • Ready to get unstuck from old habits + thoughts?
  • Inspired to break generational patterns in your family?
  • Need tools to communicate more effectively?

With the right approach, support, and clinician fit, therapy can guide you into a fresh chapter, reconnecting you to yourself + what truly matters. Find out how online therapy Florida can support you.

Online Therapy Florida

Expertise in the Following Specialty Areas:

counseling for individuals

danielle sethi therapy florida naples

Are anxious thoughts and feelings getting in the way? Do what ifs rule your life?

online counseling florida

Finding yourself in repeated relationship patterns or painful breakups?

counselor florida

Does feeling down about yourself get in the way of living the life you want?

naples florida counseling

Have you been reactive to anger in ways you later regret with loved ones?

therapy for relationships

naples florida therapist

Do you feel disconnected from your partner? Does it seem as if you are arguing more?

naples florida therapist

Are you noticing patterns creep up that you’d like to end before they create conflict?

online therapy florida

Are you looking for a way to heal your relationship beyond weekly therapy?

online therapist florida

Ready to unpack generational cycles and heal family relationships?


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Resources + Guides

danielle sethi therapy and counseling

getting started

Methods to source a qualified provider, screening questions to find the right fit therapist, + what to expect from treatment throughout the phases of therapy.

therapy naples florida

discover your patterns

Learning about your attachment style will help you understand the ways you process anxiety and feelings of instability amidst change and in relationships.

therapy naples florida

repair your relationship

The negative cycle is pattern where couples get stuck- the conversations you have over and over that don’t change. Uncover your dynamic to create a new pattern.

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