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I specialize in helping motivated adults struggling with relationships + anxiety get to the root of their challenges so they can feel better for good.

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A Modern Approach

To Mental Health & Relationship Counseling

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For a real change?

  • Tired of feeling anxiety, stress, and conflict in your relationships?
  • Feeling disconnected from yourself + others?
  • Ready to get unstuck from old habits + thoughts?
  • Inspired to break generational patterns in your family?
  • Need tools to communicate and cope more effectively?

Transformation is possible.

With the right approach, support, and clinician fit, online therapy Florida can guide you into a fresh new chapter.

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Specialty Areas | Online Therapy Florida

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1×1 Weekly Therapy

I work with clients to create stronger relationships with their selves, explore belief systems, disrupt generational cycles, and work within their value system.

This work leads to regulating emotions, healing old wounds, and creating effective change.

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Couples Weekly Therapy

Couples therapy focuses on healing and strengthening bonds in relationships.

I work with adults in committed relationships who are motivated to move from chaos, conflict, and confusion toward clarity, connection, and peace.

danielle sethi therapy and counseling

Intensives + Retreats

Therapy has the power to transform your relationships. However, if you aren’t able to stick to your weekly sessions, you aren’t going to move the needle much on your progress.

This is where intensive therapy and retreats become a valuable resource.

How it works

The Therapy Process


Phone Consultation

We’ll speak briefly on the phone to discuss your goals. If we decide we’re a match, we’ll start the onboarding process.


Brief Intake Packet

I’ll onboard you onto my online platform where you will answer some questions and sign consent forms.


Start Therapy

Use the online portal to join our virtual video therapy session. We’ll meet there at the same time each week.


Ongoing Treatment

Each session is flexible to your presenting needs, yet guided by a structured model of therapy to work toward your goals.

“Danielle’s expertise using evidence-backed methods based on attachment theory is nothing short of transformative. In a world where connection is the very essence of of our being, she will help guide you through your struggles to overcome any struggles.”

My Approach

What You Can Expect

Danielle Sethi Therapy Naples Florida Counseling

✔ Non-Judgement

I know how difficult starting therapy can be, and I know how scary it can feel to talk about thoughts, emotions, and relationships.

I also know that real change doesn’t come from shaming ourselves out of where we’re at. Instead, you can expect me to help you discover with compassion how you got where you are so that we can create something new.

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✔ Modern Methods

Gone are the days of talking in circles with a therapist staring at you waiting for your subconscious to reveal the source of all of your present day problems.

Through online therapy Florida, I work from a modern clinical model that has evidence backing the sustainability of results. I use this model to work toward creating experiences that will bring about the change you’re looking for.

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✔ Focus

When things feel overwhelming, we can be confused- like we don’t even know where to start, or how we could possibly cover everything.

I keep us focused on our therapy process, guiding you to pull up only the content that is helpful in getting us where we’re headed. Expect me to jump in and be in this process with you!

hear what others are saying…


“I had the pleasure of working with Danielle and I truly cannot recommend her enough! She is a kind, genuine, authentic therapist who meets all of her clients where they’re at without judgement. She is very skilled in her therapeutic approach & helps guide her clients throughout their journey.”
“Danielle is a very knowledgeable and compassionate therapist. She has an ability to empathize with her clients while also helping them grow and reach their goals. I would always recommend her to clients seeking to build more secure relationships or looking to address something within themselves.”
“Danielle is kind, understanding, knowledgeable and makes everyone that she works with feels comfortable and understood. I would highly recommend Danielle! She is a fantastic therapist and would make this process such a supportive and impactful journey for you.”

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