I’ll help you identify, unpack + break free from negative patterns so you can create the change you’re looking for and live the life you deserve.

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Collaborative. Rather than simply sitting & nodding, we dig in and come alongside our clients to work toward their goals.

Holistic. We consider how things like your health, relationships, family systems, and broader society impact the wellbeing of our clients.

Non-intimidating. Starting therapy is a huge, brave step. We are to support and guide our clients without any judgement.

Strategic. Evidence-backed models guide our work, because therapy should not only help you feel understood, but also give you the tools to change your life.


Individual Therapy

  • Are you constantly battling negative thoughts that hold you back? Are you so overwhelmed that it’s hard to even remember feeling at peace?
  • Are you questioning whether you’re in the right relationship, city or job?
  • You should be “over it” already but just can’t seem to move on.
  • Do you struggle through periods of transition and change?

Feelings of anxiety are not uncommon in our modern world where we are accustomed to looking outward and moving quickly. And yet, you do not have to keep living this way.

Whether the state of a current relationship, work situation, life change, or feeling of stuckness in your life is causing you anxiety, you can come back to yourself with the right tools.

We use EFT and ACT to guide individuals in emotion regulation and behavior change.

Couples Therapy

  • Do you fear your relationship is stuck in the same pattern, painful experience, or conflict? Are you worried continuing the same fight over and over will lead to breakup or divorce?
  • You want to feel close to your partner. You want to bring back to life the spark that used to live between you that made you say “yes” in the first place.

Challenges in close relationships are a normal part of intimacy. Research shows that poor relationship help can lead to anxiety and depression, and that vice versa.

The good news is, if you are willing to put in the time and the work, you can feel close to your partner again. We specialize in using Emotion Focused Therapy to analyze ineffective patterns, improve communication, heal past wounds, and create new dynamics of safety in close relationships.

We use EFT to support couples rebuild.

Family Dynamics

  • Has your family been through a challenging time that you don’t know how to talk about?
  • Do you have confusing, unresolved feelings about the family you grew up with?

Whether or not we like to admit it, all of us are formed on a mental, emotional, and relational level by the environments we grew up in.

Even if you had a great relationship with your parents, few get it perfect. It’s completely normal to walk away with scars and confusion as generations shift.

Freedom comes when you stop responding to your present world and relationships as if you were still living in your original family system.

Therapy can help you to bring your unconscious relationship patterns to consciousness, honor their function, intentionally consider how they are or are not serving you, and create the change you seek.


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-Resources & Guides-

Here are some tools to help you strengthen your communication and relationships

Individuals- What is my attachment style?

Learning about your attachment style will help you understand the ways you process anxiety and feelings of instability amidst change.

Couples- What is our communication cycle?

The negative cycle is pattern where couples get stuck- the conversations you have over and over that don’t change. Uncover your dynamic to create a new pattern.

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I have known Danielle for the past two years and worked alongside her for several months so I was lucky to get to know her as a clinician and a person. She is kind, understanding, knowledgeable and makes everyone that she works with feels comfortable and understood. I would highly recommend Danielle! She is a fantastic therapist and would make this process such a supportive and impactful journey for you.
Monica L.
I have worked with Danielle for over two years. She is a very knowledgeable and compassionate therapist. She has an ability to empathize with her clients while also helping them grow and reach their goals. I would always recommend her to clients seeking to build more secure relationships or looking to address something within themselves.
Gabriela B.