Depression Therapy

Online Counseling for Depression

Has depression taken over your life?

  • Do you notice feeling overwhelmed or trouble concentrating?
  • Is it hard to remember finding pleasure in your life?
  • Do you experience low energy, brain fog, and overall heaviness?
  • Are you noticing thoughts or feelings of worthlessness?
  • Are you having trouble adjusting to a new transition of life?
  • Do you suppress your emotions with food, substances, exercise, or sex?

Through developing emotional regulation skills, looking at thought patterns, and creating new experiences, online depression counseling can help you reclaim your life and get back on track.

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You Aren’t Alone

Depression affects millions of people and families across America. If you notice that you feel a lack of energy and spark for things that once lit you up, you are not alone.

Individuals do not all experience depression in the same way. You might notice some combination of the following:

  • Fatigue, low energy, brain fog
  • Change in appetite
  • Impacted sleep
  • Irritability
  • Feelings of sadness or worthlessness

You might experience some symptoms more than others. You may also feel alone in what you are experiencing, not wanting to burden others in your life.

You Deserve Relief

Depression can be all-consuming and impact your ability to move your life in the direction you always wanted. It can even pull you away from the people you love the most.

You are worthy of having peace and calm in your life. You deserve joy in the experiences that light you up, fulfillment in the things that matter to you, and connection to the people you love.

How Depression Therapy Can Help

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Acknowledging that you feel depressed is a great first step. Even though depression can feel never-ending, there are ways to heal and live differently.

Depression therapy Naples Florida will explore the root of your depression and provide you tools to manage similar experiences in the future.

The idea of putting something else on your plate may feel unbearable. However, once you get started, build trust with a therapist who understands you, and learn some skills, sessions will eventually feel lighter, easier, and more approachable.

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What to Expect in Depression Counseling

Depression therapy will be tailored to you and your needs.

In general, therapy will include:

  • Identify achievable goals for treatment together with your therapist
  • Review your history in relationships and in dealing with emotions
  • Learn skills to break patterns of negative thoughts, process emotions, and be present
  • Develop clarity on the things that are most important to you
  • Learn and practice coping skills to manage depression

We’ll put you back in charge and figure out methods to stop depression from ruling your life.

When you don’t address depression, it’s natural to continue feeling stuck and like nothing will ever get better for you. However, there can be another side.

I know how hard managing depression can be, and I am here to guide clients in learning and growth that they can take with them outside of the therapy room. I work from an empathy-forward, non-judgmental perspective. Instead of judging or shaming you for the past, we will look back to heal and look forward at behaviors that align with your goals and values.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Depression Therapy

When we try to figure everything out on our own, we get stuck. If you have been experiencing challenges finding joy in your life or motivation for things you once loved, it may be time to work through what you are experiencing with a professional.

It’s very human to go through bouts of challenging emotions. It’s not weird or abnormal to need support. As a therapist, I not only commit to bringing an empathy-forward listening ear, but years of education and training in approaches to help you create the changes you are looking for.

Continuing to ignore or dismiss your depression won’t make it go away. I’m here to support you.

Yes! All of the methods and interventions I use can be applied online. Due to research findings about the efficacy of online therapy, in conjunction with other client-cited benefits (e.g. privacy, convenience, and accessibility) all of my counseling services are exclusively provided online at this time.

Because my practice is fully virtual, out of concern for safety I do not see clients who have suicide ideation or any related hospitalization in the past year. If you are in this category, please seek an in-person provider or further resources for a higher level of support.

Please refer to my Rates & FAQ page for up-to-date information on my current rates. I am out-of-network with insurance, but can provide a receipt for out-of-network reimbursement.

Often, the cost of not attending therapy for something as important and impactful as depression is much higher. Left untreated, symptoms can lead to impaired relationships, functioning at work, and even physical symptoms. I’m here to work together with you to learn the tools to create the life you are ready for.

Please fill out the form here to get in touch with me or use a the scheduler to book a complimentary 15-minute intro call with me. We will discuss your needs in a therapist and whether I’m a good fit for you.

If we decide to work together, I will onboard you to my platform, send through intake paperwork, and schedule the session. The appointment will be conducted online via video.

Find more information and frequently asked questions here.

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“The wound is the place the light enters you.”

If you struggle with depression and live in Florida, our services can guide you in finding motivation, joy, and meaning in your life. Contact me to get started.

Depression Therapy Naples (Note: At this time, I am only seeing weekly clients virtually online).