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Couples often wait until they are at “rock bottom” to try therapy as one last resort. At this point, it’s takes a lot more time and effort to heal what’s been broken and to move forward.

In preventative therapy, you get to proactively work on improving your relationship before damage is done, instead of waiting for despair and trying to heal it afterward.

Imagine how much harder it would be to deep clean your entire house if you hadn’t kept up with daily maintenance for years at a time, versus taking on that project without having so much dust and clutter accumulate over time. In the same way, preventative therapy can serve as this “maintenance” to protect couples from reaching places of disconnect and overwhelm that inevitably result in more hurt toward one another.

Maybe you are overall satisfied in your relationship, but you notice:

  • Minor moments of disconnection you can imagine turning into more
  • Irritations with your partner you’d like to better understand
  • A decrease in passion, connection, and intimacy after the honeymoon phase
  • You’re starting to feel a little less important to each other than you once were

Preventative couples therapy might be for you. It’s a chance to get ahead of the game and nip unhelpful patterns in the bud before they create disconnection and pain in your relationship. It’s a way to nurture your relationship as you go, because all partnerships require time and attention to thrive and last the test of time.

Ignoring problems or pain won’t make them go away. Preventative therapy is a place to process, heal, and move forward in an intentional way.

how preventative Couples therapy can help

Counseling over the course of your relationship can be a transformative way to process miscommunication, hurt, and pain over time. Instead of waiting too long and finding yourselves in a deep hole that takes a ton of work to climb out of, you are putting in the work while you both are still mostly above ground seeing the light.

Many couples leave therapy feeling individually validated and more closely bonded than they ever were before. Addressing important topics with a neutral professional who can guide you to see each other and reconnect will save you a lot of pain and resources down the line.

This is a great place for you if you feel like you have a strong foundation and want to commit to a healthy future together. We’ll notice what’s working, and we also may identify dynamics that require attention or modification.

I have advanced training in a modern, evidenced-backed couples therapy model (EFT) that will guide you to heal and allow you to communicate in a new way that will leave you feeling connected, heard, and understood.

Emotion focused-therapy, or EFT, has been proven to move 70-75% of couples from distress to recovery, and to create improvements in 90% of couples in therapy.

Each session, we will explore the nuances of your communication patterns, articulate experiences, share emotions, and create new meaningful experiences.

Therapy is customized for every couple. Generally, the treatment structure looks like this:

  • Session 1- Intake appointment to discuss problems + goals for therapy
  • Sessions 2 + 3- I’ll meet with each partner 1×1 to explore individual histories
  • Sessions 4 + forward- Conjoint couples sessions working toward goals like:
  • Communicate better
  • Identify patterns in fights
  • Rebuild trust
  • Reconnect and find intimacy
  • Build new communication styles
  • Later in treatment- discuss goals of termination + maintenance plan

My goal is that you’ll walk away from therapy with a language of connection to communicate with each other about difficult topics. These skills will support you as you move forward in your relationship, even if you haven’t faced significant issues yet.

preventative therapy couples naples florida

My rate is $150 per couples session. While I am out-of-network with insurance panels, I can provide you with a receipt for reimbursement. Click here for more information about rates and general FAQs.

An investment in therapy will early in your relationship will usually pay for itself one way or another in the long term. Counseling will not only teach you about the steps to heal and communicate more effectively, but how to implement the skills in your real life, supporting you through setbacks you experience along the way. In this way, you have the skills and insights gained from treatment long after your last session with me.

Yes, it does. Empirical research shows that generally, clinical therapeutic techniques are as impactive when administered in a virtual format as when they occur in a face-to-face format.

Many of my couple- clients also enjoy benefits like more privacy, convenience, and accessibility for sessions. All you need is a device and a stable internet connection.

Due to the cited benefits of telehealth, all of our regular therapy appointments are conducted online from the comfort of your home.

It’s completely understandable to have preferences on a provider based on factors like their age, gender, or marital status. These preferences usually come from a desire to be seen and understood by a therapist with whom you are sharing so much of your personal life. The sense of feeling seen and understood is extremely important part of therapeutic success.

I have had my own range of experiences, some of which may or may not align with yours. I am almost always able to relate to some aspect of my clients’ experiences and the emotions those experiences bring up.

My intake process includes a free introductory call before scheduling an first session. This call will give you a chance to assess whether you think we could be a good fit and give you a chance to ask any questions you have to make you comfortable about us as a therapeutic match.

Here is what you can expect from the couples therapy intake process:

  • Start by filling out the form below or click here to schedule a 15 minute consultation.
  • If we’re a good fit, I will send you an intro email from my platform and we will schedule our first session
  • You’ll log in, create a profile, and complete intake paperwork
  • The day of session, you will log into the system a few minutes before the designated start time, and we will begin

If you are in a relationship that means a lot to you, and you live in Florida, let’s work together to nurture it along the way. Contact me to get started.