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Emotion Focused Therapy (EFT) Naples, Florida

Emotion Focused Therapy is a humanistic, evidence-based approach to psychotherapy. It is a modern model of therapy that draws from attachment theory to facilitate the creation of secure connection with self and others, inside and outside of therapy sessions.

Rooted in the science of emotion processing and attachment theory, Emotion Focused Therapy helps clients identify and transform the negative processing and interaction patterns that create the distress they face in their lives.

Instead of relying on clients or emotions to haphazardly determine the structure of the session, an EFT therapist has an intricate understanding of the process emotions and interactions.

Emotion Focused Therapy blends the following models of change:

→ Attachment science- a profound developmental theory of personality and intimate relationships

→ Systems theory- considers individuals in the context of their environment

→ Non-judgmental- assumes people are well-meaning if we determine the function of behavior

This framework grounds the therapist in goals for the session to help clients have a new conversation and experience of connection. These goals translate to reduced conflict and healthier relationships, inside and outside the therapy room.

EFT is based on the idea that humans are naturally designed to have a secure sense of who we are and a sense of self we can trust and rely on.

This base allows for strong, supportive bonds with others, and when these bonds are secure, we tend to be happier and healthier.

One of the great things about EFT is its versatility is application, including:

  • Couples in patterns of relationship conflict, distress, betrayal, or disconnection
  • Individuals dealing with depression, anxiety, or trauma
  • Families attempting to heal strained relationships

Whether you are working with a loved one or seeking therapy on your own, EFT can support you in reaching transformational goals and relationship healing.

Emotion focused therapy will be a transformative choice if you:

  • Want to deepen your relationships
  • Need to better manage challenging emotions and communicate better
  • Would like to strengthen self confidence
  • Are passionate about improving family + romantic relationships

Goals will generally include building stronger connections, understanding self and each other better, and fostering emotional wellness.

All of these goals will support you in leading a happier, more fulfilling life.

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Emotion focused therapy is the model of treatment we leverage in supporting clients with the following services:

Learn more about these services and reach out below to inquire about what’s best for you and your situation.

If you struggle with relationships, with yourself or others, and live in Florida, EFT counseling services can guide you in finding more connection and satisfaction. Contact me to get started.